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​How would you describe your style?

Whimsical, Nostalgic, Candid. I am inspired by the feeling of yesteryear, childhood, and hazy daydreams. I strive to capture moments, not create them. Creating beauty is my forte.

Why are your prices lower compared to others?

My business was created out of the dream of offering affordable magic to all my clients. Particularly with weddings, I believe every bride is different, and so is her special day. I would rather not tie you down with some extensive package that includes a bunch of fluff (the bad kind) that you would rather not invest in! It's why I choose to go a route more simplified, and deal in customized wedding packages for those of us who color outside of the lines.

What kind of photography do you do? Creative portraits and weddings. So, this basically means everything. (Weddings are the prettiest parties you can throw) and I believe LIFE deserves to be remembered, and there are many opportunities in which to hire a photographer. Weddings, births, new businesses, engagements, family, grad, you have a new pet, you bought a new house, it's someone's birthday, etc! I believe in getting creative! 

Do you have a studio? No. I am an on-location, natural light photographer. I choose to work with the backdrop of life, the outdoors, and I do love to shoot indoors and in the homes of people!

How soon after my session will I get my photos back?

​4-6 weeks, depending on the work load. So, if there is a date in which you need them by, remember to think ahead! Whim works entirely digitally. When your photos are finished, they will be sent to you via link as soon as your photos are complete.

Do I get copy-write of all my images?

For all my sessions, (weddings, engagements, creative portraits, & events) you will receive a link of all your edited images to print, reprint, and enlarge your images as well as share with family and friends. Whim Photography will retain full copywrite on all images. Your creative license excludes any commercial use, entering of your photographs in contests, any further editing or altering of your images, and selling/printing for profit.


When is my photography payment due in full?

Final installments for both wedding and creative portraits are due the day of shooting. Checks can be made out to Whim Photography, and if investing as a bride, you may give the check to me directly yourself, or by another designated party the day of your wedding. Whim does not accept credit as this time.

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